Ferrovial La ingeniería civil como arte: creatividad e innovación

An old waterway

Melbourne , Australia

Western Roads Upgrade View full project

In the middle of the flatlands, a crane’s arm is raised. It pumps concrete without stopping. At the ground level is the metal framework. Little by little, the two elements meet, realizing they are old acquaintances.

They will soon be ready to support the weight of thousands of vehicles. This all happens under the watchful eye of a group of people. Today, they can breathe easy. The great semi-desert plains of western Victoria, Australia, have clouds floating above.

Cintra, a subsidiary of Ferrovial, through the Netflow joint venture created with Plenary, was selected by the State of Victoria as Preferred Respondent for the construction, financing and maintenance of the road network improvement works.

Not far from there is a very different scene of fusing concrete and metal. The structures are different, but the goal is the same: to bear the weight of the future without losing shape. This time, the two elements aren’t at ground level but a few meters up. Under them, another meeting – one of steel rails and wooden railroad ties – does its job: getting the trains to arrive as expected.

Both of these scenes are part of the construction to upgrade the roads of western Australia. Despite the role concrete obviously plays in the photographs, asphalt is the lead actor in this story. Pavement on 37 roads in the area was renovated in all, in addition to renovations and upgrades on another eight main roads. Five bridges have also been built. Three of them are over the Federation Trail, a route for cyclists and walkers. This will keep traffic from interrupting the tranquility of this ancient waterway.

The Western Roads Upgrade project has changed the face of more than 240 kilometers of infrastructure necessary for millions of Australians in the Melbourne area daily. Safer roads for everyone. Faster routes to everywhere. And simpler, more direct paths to improve mobility and industry.

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