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Our Innovation Strategy

Innovation is one of the elements that defines us, a tool for pioneering transformation in the infrastructure and transport sectors.

Key Figures

  • € +48 M

    R+D Investment

  • +100


  • 45

    Projects with Startups

To this end, we have a well-defined innovation strategy that is aligned with our business strategy. Our main objective is to use innovation to maximize the value of our assets, achieve competitive advantages, become more efficient and stand out.

The strategic innovation plan, developed in 2018, materializes through five fundamental pillars: anticipation and exploration, collaboration and mainstreaming, focus and impact, totality and ecosystem, and agility and speed. A series of transversal topics and related programs have been established in key innovation areas such as: management based on data, mobility, automation and sustainability. Venture Lab was created as a way to incubate new digital businesses.

The high level of maturity achieved in the innovation process — which responds to business challenges via an open innovation ecosystem and through continuous development of a culture of innovation — has allowed us to develop the skills we need for emerging technologies and to detect digital business opportunities.

Our Strategic Areas

Furthermore, our innovation strategy is structured into nine themes or action areas that range from the prediction of future scenarios to sustainability or digitalization.

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What If…?

Analysis of possible future scenarios and their impact on business.

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Venture Lab

Creation of new business opportunities by betting on intrapreneurship.

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Implementation of transport solutions that make cities less congested and more sustainable.

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Data Management

Optimization of operations management work and search for new opportunities through the use of our data.

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Improvement of safety and cybersecurity for employees, users and infrastructure.

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Reduction of our environmental footprint and that of society.

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Exploration of digital technologies to strengthen efficiency in processes.

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Use of robots and drones to improve the safety and efficiency of operations.

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Development and implementation of new tools that will allow us to improve design processes and the operation of our assets, such as 3D printing, for example.

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Our Culture of Innovation

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