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Transactions carried out by Ferrovial, S.A. under its own share buy-back programme between 9 and 15 April 2021.


Ferrovial reports on the resolutions adopted by the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting held on 9 April 2021


Transactions carried out by Ferrovial, S.A. under its own share buy-back programme between 26 and 30 March 2021.


Supplementary announcement to that of the call for the General Shareholders’ Meeting 2021


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Information on share price, share capital, treasury stock and Markets & Indexes.

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407 ETR highway in Canada

Shareholder Remuneration

Information on Ferrovial shareholder remuneration.

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Investor Diary

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autopista 407 ETR Westbound en Canadá

Analyst Recommendations

Main references of the analysts that cover Ferrovial.

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Ferrovial Junta General

General Shareholders Meeting

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Debt Issuances & Rating

Rating, Debt issuances and Ferrovial debt issuance documents.

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ETR407 – Q1 2021 Results announcement


Heathrow – Q1 2021 Results announcement


FERROVIAL – Q1 2021 Results announcement (Market close)


Heathrow – April 2021 traffic figures


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Ferrovial renews its collaboration with the MIT for a further five years, reinforcing its commitment to innovation

Ferrovial is committing $5 million to support low-carbon energy and sustainable infrastructure research at MIT Ferrovial began collaborating with MIT in 2007 25 …

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Rafael del Pino highlights Ferrovial’s healthy finances, with a record level of liquidity

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Andrés Sacristán appointed CEO of Cintra

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Ferrovial Awarded $1.5 Billion I-35 Northeast Expansion Central Project in San Antonio

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