How to manufacture cars without sending waste to landfills

As a result of the Zero Waste to Landfill project implemented by Ferrovial Services and Ford, none of the waste produced at the Almussafes (Valencia) plant ends up in landfill; consequently, it can be reused. The project avoids the dumping of 15,000 tons of waste per year from Ford’s Valencia plant. The Zero Waste to […]

News | 15/02/2018

‘Almería parks and gardens’, an app for incident reporting and biological pest control in parks and gardens

Ferrovial Services has created an innovative mobile app called ‘Almería Parks and Gardens’, the aim of which is to manage incidents in parks and gardens and carry out biological pest control as required in the city of Almería, in the south of Spain. The initiative, which has been developed together with the City Council, provides […]

News | 13/02/2018

Huron-Wendat Nation honored with new Solina Road bridge embossments

Before construction work began on the 407 East Highway Phase 2, archaeologists found over 150,000 items of indigenous origin dated to before the arrival of Europeans.  Many of the items found were pottery fragments, but included clay pipes and beads. These beads were of significant interest to archaeologists as they came from shells and rock […]

News | 12/02/2018