Ferrovial Services collaborate with FIEB to give plastic waste a new life

Plastics vary widely in type and recycling approaches vary too. There is no single machine capable of recycling all plastics: they must be sorted on the basis of their composition. ...

News | 24/09/2018

Latest edition of Ferrovial’s ‘Juntos Sumamos’ programme launched

The aim of the programme, which has to date invested 1.6 million Euros, is to provide support to projects carried out by private not-for-profit organisations which are legally established and registered ...

News | 24/09/2018

Technology and citizen involvement achieve a near 40% improvement in the recycling rate of a London borough

The project, driven by the Londoners' Lab program, aims to improve the organic waste recycling rate and is implemented through a novel smart waste bin named "Bin Pal" developed by ...

News | 20/09/2018