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Ferrovial Summa Corporate University

People are a strategic asset for Ferrovial; consequently, developing talent is a key goal not just for the Human Resources function but for the entire Company. The main aspiration is to provide our employees with channels to enable them to enhance their professional growth, with the ultimate goal of offering an excellent service to our clients.

Our model is underpinned by two basic pillars:

  • Development of technical training, skills and leadership
  • Channels for experiential development (coaching, mentoring, secondments, visits to businesses, etc.).

Summa: Ferrovial’s Corporate University

International mobility

movilidad internacional

As an international company, we see mobility as a lever for business growth and professional development. Employees have a number of mechanisms available for this purpose:

  • The possibility of developing markets and cutting-edge projects in any of our geographies.
  • An international job bank providing a single access point to all the opportunities within Ferrovial anywhere in the world.
  • Short-term secondments that provide an initial contact with a culture/language.
  • Rotations through a number of positions, including international assignments, in our graduate programmes.


Fases Superpuestas Ferrovial

  • Remuneration: our policy is equitable and competitive vis-à-vis benchmark markets. We offer fixed and variable remuneration plus long-term incentives.
  • Benefits: our policy pursues a balance between work, family and leisure. Benefits include lunch vouchers, life insurance, loans, employee club, etc.
  • Flexibility plan: employees can choose to receive part of their remuneration in the form of products and/or services, depending on their personal and economic needs. These include crèche vouchers, life/casualty/health insurance, Saving Collective Insurance, vehicle leasing, etc.


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As a diverse, global company, we assume the responsibility of managing diversity in a work environment that is free, open and respectful.


Health and Safety

We are strongly committed to enhancing workplace health and safety. To this end, we design and implement systems that can effectively reduce or eliminate risks.

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