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Code of Ethics

Corporate Code of Ethics

Our corporate Code of Ethics sets out the basic principles that should guide the behavior of Ferrovial ́s group companies, including all of its employees and executives:

  • Respect for the Law: Ferrovial’s business and professional activities shall be carried out in strict compliance with the laws in force in every country where it operates.
  • Ethical Integrity: the business and professional activities of Ferrovial and its employees shall be based on the value of integrity and are to be carried out in accordance with the principles of honesty, the avoidance of all forms of corruption, and respect for the specific circumstances and needs of all parties involved in such activities. Ferrovial will encourage among its employees the recognition and appreciation of behavior in line with the principles defined in the Code of Ethics.
  • Respect of Human Rights: all actions of Ferrovial and its employees will strictly respect human rights and civil liberties enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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Code of Ethics for Suppliers

The Code of Ethics for Suppliers establishes the basic principles that should govern the actions of suppliers in their commercial relationship with Ferrovial.

We demand from our suppliers Zero Tolerance towards any act that may be considered corruption or bribery of any kind and requires strict compliance with the anti-corruption legislation applicable at all times in the countries in which we operate.

We promote and expect these principles to be shared by its suppliers, to assume them and, in turn, transfer them to their own suppliers and subcontractors in their commercial relationships with the company.

Download the Code of Ethics for Suppliers download link
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