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Our Digital Hub provides support to the different business units for the implementation of initiatives emerging as a result of the digital transformation of society.

The Digital Hub is led by our Information Systems and Innovation Department, together with the different business areas and the Human Resources and Strategy Department.

The Digital Hub comprises a multidisciplinary team of experts in emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones, 3D printing and Customer Experience, and provides support to  our entire company in the implementation of digital transformation initiatives.

The Digital Hub applies a challenges approach, whereby staff from different units and departments work together on the implementation of a certain initiative. It is a non-hierarchical model based on projects and using the Lean Start-up and Agile Development methodologies.

The Digital Hub likewise uses an open innovation approach, working together with technology centers, start-ups or consolidated companies capable of contributing technology, capacity, knowledge and experience to  our own team. This enhances learning and experience for the team, and the sharing of such learning and experience throughout the organization.

The Digital Hub explores and tests potentially disruptive new technologies for the business, with the aim of gaining a real insight into the degree of maturity of such technologies and building capacity for future implementation within the business.

In addition to technological initiatives, the Digital Hub also works on initiatives aimed at creating a digital culture within the company. In this respect, the Hub works together with the Human Resources department to support initiatives aimed at cultural transformation.


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