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Purpose, Vision and Values

The purpose, vision and values of Ferrovial have evolved adapting to the current times and to the culture of the various organizations within the group.

Our Company Purpose

Sustainable infrastructure for a world on the move.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and operate innovative, efficient and sustainable infrastructure while creating value for our stakeholders.

In the words of our Chairman Rafael del Pino,

Ferrovial, as a leading developer and operator in the infrastructure and services sector, will continue to shape the future of society with a continuous focus on talent, integrity, safety, excellence and innovation.

A Company With Values

Innovation, excellence, respect, collaboration, and integrity.

Five values integrated in the DNA of our corporate culture. We uphold the essence of our foundational values by projecting them into the future.

  • Respect. Safety, care, and protection.
  • Collaboration. Teamwork, cooperation, and sharing.
  • Excellence. Efficiency, results, and reliability.
  • Innovation. Progress, transformation, and inspiration.
  • Integrity. Ethics, transparency, and accountability.

Ferrovial has distinguished itself, above all, for its excellent professionals. Hard work and creativity centered on performance, have allowed us to overcome complex challenges and to take advantage of opportunities, transforming individual skills into collective success.

Rafael del Pino, Chairman

Plan Horizon 24

2020-2024 Strategy Plan

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