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Purpose and Values

We are proud to be part of Ferrovial because our contribution to society goes far beyond what meets the eye. Since 1952, we have been designing, building, and operating infrastructure, but ultimately our ambition is to create spaces that connect people and meet the needs of an interconnected world in constant movement.

Our determination has made us a solid industry benchmark today, but we always have an eye on what is yet to come. We know there are many ways of doing things, but we also know that being true to ourselves and our beliefs is what has brought us this far.

Our Purpose

To develop and operate sustainable, innovative, and efficient infrastructures creating value for our stakeholders.

We want to contribute to making the world more open, connected, and sustainable. We want to develop infrastructures for a world in motion. This is our purpose.

We are Ferrovial!

Our Values

Five values are engraved in the DNA of our corporate culture. We maintain the essence of our values, projecting them into the future:

  • Respect: We are committed to leadership based on self-demand, respect, and recognition of a job well-done. We ensure that our impact is respectful of the environment and the communities in which we operate.
  • Excellence: We are analytical, rigorous, and precise. We dream big with every challenge, without forgetting to be responsible with our resources. The pursuit of efficiency has made us a winning company.
  • Integrity: We deliver what we say, driven by our commitment to our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and shareholders, giving the best version of ourselves every day. We are thorough, reliable, and responsible.
  • Collaboration: We believe that Ferrovial is only possible thanks to our talented people. We encourage the responsibility and autonomy of our staff, but we multiply our contribution through collaboration. We are the result of the sum of many individuals and businesses; our diversity makes us unique.
  • Innovation: We are entrepreneurial by nature. We pursue new business opportunities, explore new geographies and turn every problem into an opportunity. We learn something new every day, taking advantage of our mistakes to improve.

Ferrovial has distinguished itself, above all, for its excellent professionals. Hard work and creativity centered on performance, have allowed us to overcome complex challenges and to take advantage of opportunities, transforming individual skills into collective success.

Rafael del Pino, Chairman

Plan Horizon 24

2020-2024 Strategy Plan

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