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The values reflected in the Code of Business Ethics imply a commitment to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, respect for the law and human rights.

We demand that its business is conducted in accordance with these principles and with the utmost respect for applicable national and international laws, especially anti-corruption laws that prohibit bribery, whether active or passive.

We have a compliance program aimed at fostering a culture of business ethics in the organization and in the decision-making and will formation processes of directors, managers and employees; and at establishing a common and homogeneous framework for monitoring, control and management of compliance risks, especially those that may result in criminal conduct.

Under the principle of continuous improvement, we certify the crime prevention system included in the compliance program. Thus, the following certifications are available:

  • UNE 19601 – Criminal Compliance Management System.
  • UNE 19602 – Tax Compliance Management System.
  • ISO UNE 37001 – Anti-Bribery Management System.


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