1. Ferrovial

Enviromental and Quality Policy

Enviromental and Quality Policy

Scope of Application

This Policy is addressed to:

  • Ferrovial, S.A. and all of the companies that comprise the Group, whatever their area of business, geographical location or activities, as well as operation and business facilities, products and services, and distribution and logistics.
  • Members of the governing bodies of Ferrovial, S.A. or other companies of the Group (including supervisory boards or equivalent bodies).
  • Employees of any of the companies that comprise the Group.
  • Suppliers, service providers and contractors and other relevant third parties during their contract or business relationship with Ferrovial.

For these purposes, “Group” or “Ferrovial” refer to both Ferrovial, S.A. and to the business group headed by that company, which includes all companies that are directly or indirectly controlled by Ferrovial, S.A. “Control” is understood to exist when the majority of the voting rights is held on the governing body.

Ferrovial will procure the principles established in this Policy are observed by all the companies in which it participates, including joint ventures, or any other company where Ferrovial has any influence.

The Spanish version of this Policy will prevail in Spanish speaking countries. In all other countries, the English version will prevail.

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