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Reflection Bay Water Reclamation Facility 2 MGD to 6 MGD Expansion and Rehabilitation, TX

Pearland, Texas

  • 2019


  • $


PLW Waterworks is expanding the Reflection Bay Water Reclamation Facility in Pearland, Texas from 2 million gallons of surface water a day (MGD) to 6 MGD.

The scope of this project includes construction of a new headworks with two mechanically cleaned bar screens, four new SBR basins to increase capacity and convert to continuous flow SBR technology, a blower and electrical building to house magnetic bearing turbo SBR blowers and switchgear and controls for the SBR headworks equipment. The team will also add two tertiary filter basins, new non-portable water transfer pumps, storage tank, and distribution pumps, as well as chlorine disinfection equipment for the NPW system. A new chemical feed and an electrical building will house chemical feed equipment for the NPW system and electrical switchgear and controls for the NPW system. 

In addition to the new construction, PLW will install two new three-belt dewatering belt presses and associated belt press feed pumps, sludge grinders, package polymer systems, and loadout sludge conveyors, four new positive displacement blowers for the aerated sludge holding tanks in the existing dewatering building,  new associated interconnecting yard piping, a new standby generator, plant-wide instrumentation and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) infrastructure, and finally paving and drainage improvements.

Modifications to the existing lift station will be made to increase capacity, improve mixing, and control odor emissions. PLW Waterworks will change the current sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), amend the existing aerated sludge holding tanks and build two new aerated slurry holding tanks to increase the sludge storage capacity and improve the flexibility of the overall facility operation.

This project received the Engineering News Record Award of Merit (Water/Environment) for 2019.

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