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What we do?

Since 1982, we have worked to reach high levels of technology and the possibility of offering a variety of services for construction, installation, and maintenance in the industrial and energy sectors. This way, we offer a unique, competitive selection with great value for our clients.

Health and safety, top priorities

Safety at work is one of our company’s strategic axes. We make significant efforts to meet our commitment to having zero workplace accidents on record. To this end, we’re constantly investing in training the people on our teams in health and safety.

We have a tutoring, recycling, and planning program to keep us up-to-date and advance our knowledge in Health and Safety.

Our commitment to health and safety led us to be the first company in our sector to be certified with the OHSAS 18001 standard on occupational risk prevention, now the ISO 45001 standard: Occupational Health and Safety.

Leaders in the industrial sector

Our activity involves maintenance and installation for equipment used in electricity generation and distribution, as well as for the construction of low- and medium-voltage facilities, overhead wires, and connection. We are also highly qualified to install and maintain analysis and control systems. In addition, we provide support during shutdowns for facilities like refineries, nuclear and electric power plants, and more services.


Our Areas of Specialization

Transmission & Distribution

We specialize in providing engineering, construction and maintenance services for substations and lines.

Industrial Maintenance

experience in setting up Electricity and Instrumentation at a wide range of industrial facilities.

Control and Analyzers

We work with every aspect of design, engineering, training and analyzer systems in this field.

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