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Central Train Station in Wroclaw

Wrocław, Poland

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This is contract covered the restoration of a heritage, historic development of the Wrocław Główny station, including the redevelopment of its technical rail infrastructure.

The works were divided into 5 areas:

  • Area “A” covered: construction of an underground car park, station halls and an exit to the underground car park as well as reconstruction of the existing entrance for emergency vehicles and intersections.
  • Area “B” – reconstruction and extension of the historic building of the Main Railway Station.
  • Area “C” – reconstruction and extension of platform halls as well as reconstruction of railway infrastructure and underground passages.
  • Area “D” – construction of a station hall.
  • Area “F” – reconstruction of technical and road infrastructure. The works also included the complete modernisation of the underground infrastructure with solar collectors installed on the roof and the adaptation of the building for the needs of disabled people. The total net value of the project is PLN 274 million.

These included: Area A – underground car park to accommodate 200 cars, redevelopment of car entrance/exit ramps, and demolition of a WW2 civil defence shelter. Area B: renovation, redevelopment and extension of the station concourse. Building volume net is 102,000 m3, and its gross area is 26,384 m2. Area C: renovation, redevelopment and extension of train sheds, access subways, platforms and rail infrastructure.

Platform area is 12,732 m2, and the length of the canopy roof is 250 m, and its maximum height is 11 m. Area D: the construction of the station hall from Sucha St. Area E: the area between Piłsudzkiego, Peronowa, Dworcowa and Sucha Streets, including the redevelopment of utility connections to the station building.

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