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Characteristics of Administration Positions at Ferrovial


The individual occupying a company’s administrative position performs administration, organization, and office tasks, depending on what the company itself or their specific department requires.

Position activities

  • This individual is in charge of processing and handling all kinds of internal and external documentation (documents, e-mails, invoices, etc.) per the procedure set forth by the company in its various channels.
  • Preparing and processing requested documents as needed.
  • Organizing, classifying, and recording the documentation mentioned according to the stipulated internal protocols.
  • Depending on the department where the activity takes place, leading administrative procedures for company areas such as taxes, accounting, advertising, or finance.
  • Administrative procedures involved in the treasury, profitability and monitoring investments, fundraising, etc.
  • Administrative procedures related to company staff, according to current labor laws and the company’s own mandates; thus, providing the HR department with any necessary support.
  • They will be in charge of the procedures on public administration, meaning that they will handle presenting documents at different public bodies at the proper time and in the proper manner. They will keep track of timelines and deadlines for administrative procedures.
  • Recording, supervising, and updating accounting information in the different accounting applications that the company uses.
  • Customer service regarding information and any incidents or queries that may arise (by phone or e-mail, or in person).

Professional profile

  • Organized, methodical, and responsible.
  • Skilled at organizing and addressing tasks.
  • Able to communicate with clients, departments, superiors and employees, providers, and public administrations. This is a highly important facet of this position, given that interpersonal communications are a major part of their workload.
  • An individual with qualities suitable for teamwork.
  • Good writing skills, both in responding to written communication and in writing reports.

Formal qualifications

  • Intermediate professional training in Administrative Management.
  • Degree in Business Administration or Management (degrees, MBA, etc.).
  • Advanced degree in Administration and Finance.
  • Accounting – administrative training.

Advanced knowledge of accounting and computer software: Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.), knowledge of ERP and CRM software.  

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