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Characteristics of Finance Positions at Ferrovial


Finance-related positions work on planning, executing, and analyzing company finances.

Position activities

The fields of financial activity at Ferrovial are:

  • Studying and forecasting economic trends.
  • Preparing and coordinating budgets for both current operations and long-term investment and financing.
  • Balancing risk and return.
  • Collecting resources from the financial market, carrying out economic and financial processes (accounting, treasury, taxes, etc…)
  • Managing funds.

Professional profile

Candidates for finance positions must:

  • Possess analytical capabilities.
  • Have a clear vision of the strategy and objectives.
  • Have decision-making skills.
  • Be able to conduct negotiations.
  • Be organized, methodical, and responsible.

Formal qualifications

  • Business Administration and Management.
  • Advanced degree in Administration and Finance.

Advanced knowledge of computing and accounting applications: Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.)

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