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What is slipform?

Slipform is a technique that facilitates the construction of tall and thin structures, chimneys, pillars and towers.

Slipform is a construction technique we use when constructing a particularly tall and thin structure such as: the pillar of a very tall bridge, industrial chimneys, silos, and solar power towers (such as the ones made by Edytesa).

How slipform works

This technique consists of rigid slipforming, which moves the item vertically at a rhythm of 5 to 20 cm/h.

Concrete is poured into the slipform in layers and, as it hardens, the slipform is slowly lifted by lifting devices (hydraulic jacks).

The slipform is moved vertically, pushed by a hydraulic system.

All operations are performed from platforms placed at various levels of the structure. The platform levels are separated by approximately 3 meters.

The top level platform is used to pour concrete and set up vertical frameworks.

The intermediate-level platform is used to pour and vibrate concrete, set up frameworks, set up window and door frames, place embedded items (panels…), among others.

Lower-level platforms (there is usually one, but there may be more) are used to run quality inspections and for finishing jobs.


It is a competitive system for high-altitude construction. Its cost is calculated per m² and gradually reduces for very tall structures.

It is very safe. Set up is carried out at the ground level. During the operational phase, set up/tear down tasks at high levels are not necessary.

Execution times are considerably faster. Setting up the structure, pouring concrete and other tasks are carried out simultaneously and continuously during various shifts as the mold rises.

Slipform is advantageous in terms of its quality, finish, speed and costs.


It requires specialized equipment. It is a continuous process that, except in exceptional circumstances, cannot be stopped.

All these characteristics are what make this technique the preferred one for very tall structures.

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