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Who We Are

We are specialized in slipform technology and heavy lifting.

We have been working in this sector for decades and are one of the leading companies in Spain when it comes to vertical construction, heavy lifting, slipform and singular construction.

Quality Certificates

Given the importance of quality in our construction work and techniques, we have ISO 9001:2008 in areas such as slipform, industrial chimneys and hydraulic equipment, among others.

We also have certificate OHSAS 18001:2007, of the certificate of RePro suppliers and the environmental management certificate ISO 14001:2004. Part of our R&D&I covers environmental improvements to reduce CO emissions by reusing materials.

History of Edytesa

In 2003 Edytesa merged with the companies Bygging Encofrados Deslizantes, S.A. and Karman Técnicas Especiales, S.A., both highly experienced in the areas of slipform and high-altitude hydraulic systems. Each company has their own story.

Bygging-Uddemann AB is a Swedish company that has been reinventing hydraulic slipform since 1944. Bygging Encofrados Deslizantes S.A. has learned part of its know how from this company. Their experience, registered as BYGGING , encompasses the know-how and experience gained by Bygging Española, S.A., Encofrados Deslizantes, S.A. and YDE, S.A.

Karman Técnicas Especiales, S.A. started its activity in Spain in 1978 with the goal of becoming specialists in industrial chimneys and communication towers. For years this has included the maintenance, inspection, diagnosis and execution of projects under the brand KARMAN .

As a result of merging the two companies that had been market leaders for decades, in 2003 Edytesa started its work executing whole projects using slipform technology: viaduct piers, towers, silos, digestors and singular constructions for which the height is a prevailing factor.

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