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What Do We Do?

We design, supply and build facilities in civil construction, construction, industrial construction, energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Within the renewable energy sector, we work with energy such as cogeneration, solar photovoltaics and solar thermal systems, and geothermal energy.

Energy efficiency forms a large part of our know how. These principles apply to low, medium and high voltage electrical and mechanical installations.

In this same line, we install fire protection systems, climate control systems (heating, air conditioning, ventilation) and plumbing systems. We also carry out special installation projects including structured wiring, communications, process control systems, and signaling and traffic control systems.

Some of our most prominent projects include the facilities at the Fraternidad-Mupresa (Madrid) and Vithas (Granada) hospitals, the Norte II prison camp (Pamplona), the Universidad Europea of Madrid, the entrance tunnel to T4 in Madrid, the Tercat container terminal in Barcelona and the ICTA-UAB building (Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals).

Our construction portfolio also includes high energy-efficient building stocks. Castellana 76 was awarded the Mitsubishi Electric 3 Diamonds Award as the most efficient building in Spain, which the 80 homes of Arroyo Bodonal use geothermal energy instead of thermal radiators and air conditioning units.

All our work is defined by quality and energy efficiency. Every project we design and execute is defined by our concern for the environment and our compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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