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Moving Heavy Loads

This activity takes place in civil construction works and in the construction of large infrastructures. It requires specific techniques and machinery in order to guarantee good project execution and worker safety.

Lifting materials and moving heavy machinery and high-tonnage items is common when constructing large structures or singular buildings. These movements include moving on level surfaces, turning on a vertical axis, turning or rolling an item over without damaging it and lifting or lowering any type of load. Each one of these movements requires its own unique technical approach.

There are generally specialized machinery or platforms for each time of movement. Examples include industrial wagons for the movement of lightweight loads, special high-tonnage transport for highways, rotating and raising platforms and stepped raising systems or jacks (generally hydraulic). The latter are very commonly used in civil construction. Companies like Tecpresa work with a wide range of jacks: double acting cylinders, hollow cylinders, security ring jacks, tilting wedge cylinders, etc.

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