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Ethics Channel

We provide a dedicated and secure communication channel as a way to report questions, complaints and/or concerns that are related to the principles and commitments set forth in the Corporate Code of Ethics, as well as any irregular situation, breach, unethical behavior or conduct that conflicts with the laws and/or regulations applicable to this group, including but not limited to fraud and corruption or anticompetitive practices, violation of human rights or environmental issues.

Ethics Channel

Access Ethics Channel

All communications sent through the Ethics Channel, including any relevant documents uploaded by the sender, shall be confidential and the sender may remain anonymous. The sender will be protected against any retaliation.

If senders wish to identify themselves, there is an optional section in the Ethics Channel where they can provide their personal data. In addition to this electronic access to the Ethics Channel, parties may also send communications and documents to PO Box 2160 (28080 Madrid, SPAIN) or access the Ethics Channel through the toll-free numbers described in “Telephone Line” below.

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