Scope 3 GHG Emissions

Extension of the scope of indirect emissions (Scope 3)

Ferrovial calculated the total figure for Scope 3 GHG emissions  in line with the guidelines included in the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard published by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative, the WRI and the WBCSD. In parallel, a specific reporting and calculation methodology Scope 3 emissions was developed and included in a technical instruction.

  • Purchased goods and services: Include emissions associated with the life cycle of materials purchased by Ferrovial that have been used in products or services that the company offers.
  • Capital goods: Includes all upstream emissions,  production equipment goods purchased or acquired by the company in the year.
  • Fuel and energy related activities: In this section we consider the energy needed to produce the fuel and electricity that company uses and the loss of electricity in transport.
  • Upstream transportation and distribution: includes emissions from transport and distribution of the main products purchased during the year.
  • Waste generated in operations: Emissions in this section are related to the waste generated by the activity of the company.
  • Business travel: Emissions associated with business travel: train, plane and taxis.
  • Employee commuting: Includes emissions from employee travel from their homes to their jobs.
  • Investments: Emissions related to investments in other companies.
  • Use of sold products: Ferrovial calculates emissions from the use of transport infrastructure.
  • End of life treatment of sold products: This category includes emissions from the disposal of waste generated at the end of the useful life of the products sold by Ferrovial in the reporting year.
  • Upstream leased assets: Includes emissions related to the electricity consumption of those customers´  buildings where we undertake maintenance and cleaning and manage consumption.


Category 2009 (base year) 2014 2015 2016
Business travel 403 11,271 9,900 9,117
Investments 814,108 650,761 636,150 636,150
Fuel and energy related activities 147,894 163,220 44,605
Capital Goods 672,295 607,931 364,224
End of life treatment of sold products 171,155 23,130 44,605
Purchased goods and services 750,808 601,164 503,661
Upstream transportation and distribution 451,359 492,843 418,575
Waste generated in operations 221,378 261,947 231,225
Employee commuting 1,379 1,547 3,183
Use of sold products 732,877 844,645 622,625
Upstream leased 1,728 2,009
Total tCO2eq  816,239 3,813,186 3,657,089 3,025,916