Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence allows machines to simulate human behaviour, such as learning or extracting knowledge from a particular context.

artificial intelligence glasses

The Ferrovial Digital Hub is pursuing various avenues in relation to Artificial Intelligence:

  • Machine Learning: the creation of models with the capacity to learn and predict future behaviours.
  • Analysis of patterns and clustering: analysis of behaviours and automatic grouping of such behaviours. Identification of patterns.
  • Cognitive:
    • Semantic learning: Initiatives relating to comprehension of the natural language used by people to understand opinions or feelings and hold conversations.
    • Artificial vision: using Deep Learning techniques and neural networks to recognise the contents of images and provide knowledge accordingly.
    • Chatbots: intelligent agents capable of carrying out specific tasks in an automated manner.

The use of Artificial Intelligence together with internal and external data sources is enabling Ferrovial to improve aspects such as prediction of demand for new business, enhanced operations, or providing employees with cutting edge tools and technology to contribute to their development.

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