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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence allows machines to simulate human behavior such as learning and extracting knowledge.

What Is It?

In colloquial terms, artificial intelligence allows machines to simulate human behavior such as learning. In computer science, experts talk about AI as “flexible agents that can perceive their environment and take actions that maximize their chances of successfully achieving a goal or task.” Machines with AI require a challenge to optimize.

Our Digital Hub works in different innovation lines oriented towards different IA divisions such as machine learning, the creation of models with the capacity to learn and predict future behaviors; pattern analysis and clustering, behavior analysis and automatic grouping of such behaviors; and cognitive machine learning.

How Do We Apply AI?

We use artificial intelligence in machines that process natural language (NLP) and its semantics, we use deep learning in neural networks to consolidate the artificial vision and image recognition and we program chatbots that are able to carry out specific tasks automatically.

AI in Human Resources

One of our chatbots is Qo, developed as a pilot initiative to help our employees reach their maximum potential. This tool can process natural language and hold a coherent conversation by means of a chat with an employee. This chat makes recommendations that improve the employee’s skills.

AI in Waste

When it comes to artificial vision, we are leading the ZRR project for Municipal Waste. The project consists of using artificial vision techniques to classify waste. The idea is to use autonomous robots to select and separate waste, a management model that looks to improve the life cycle of objects and eliminate incorrect objects.

AI in Mobility

Zity, our electric carsharing service, has been using an artificial intelligence system for some time. This system predicts where the cars should be located based on future demand, which in turn reduces pollution in cities and urban areas.

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