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Strategy 2020-2024

Ferrovial has approved Plan Horizon 24, a strategy for the 2020-2024 period that places the company’s primary focus on the promotion, construction and management of sustainable infrastructure.

The plan pursues company profitability based on an annual growth of 11% of the EBITDA. The goal is to seek excellence in the development and management of sustainable infrastructure through innovation, efficiency and the selection of businesses and markets.

Ferrovial will focus its activity on its main geographies: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Chile, Colombia and Peru, while studying entry opportunities in new countries in Asia and Latin America. In terms of ebitda contribution, the most important markets at the end of 2024 will be Canada and the United States. The business forecasts for 2020-2024, a period in which Highways will assume a greater role as the main growth vector, include annual increases of 11% in EBITDA. Dividends from the infrastructure portfolio will total more than 4,000 million euros. The focus on shareholder remuneration will be maintained. The plan is firmly committed to disruptive and incremental innovation and for a Health & Safety culture.

The commitment to sustainability translates into the design of a gradual roadmap for decarbonization, reducing CO2 emissions by 32 percent in 2030 compared to 2009 levels. Ferrovial will launch a new operating model to be a more agile company , efficient and innovative.

Horizon 24 includes a new operating model that aims for a more agile, efficient and innovative Ferrovial.

Conversation with Ignacio Madridejos

In this conversation, Ignacio Madridejos, CEO of Ferrovial, describes all the details of the plan, reviewing the key moments of the sector, the company’s strategy, the role of the different businesses, the main markets, the primary figures and a model of organization based on agility, efficiency and innovation.

Ignacio Madridejos: “Ferrovial will focus on sustainable infrastructure”

Strategic Targets and Plan Horizon 24

  • The plan targets profitability based on 11% annual EBITDA growth over the next five years
  • The company expects to receive more than 4,000 million in dividends from the infrastructure portfolio
  • Ferrovial is expanding into the mobility, electrification and water businesses
  • The USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Chile, Colombia, and Peru are the main markets
  • CO2 emissions will be reduced by 32% compared with the 2009 baseline
  • A new operating model to gain agility, efficiency, and innovation

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