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We are experts in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of potable water treatment plants, urban and industrial waste water treatment plants and desalination plants.

We conduct our activity sustainably and with respect for the environment through two companies, the multinational company Cadagua and the United States company PLW Waterworks. We have more than 460 references in design and construction of water treatment plants, which have a total capacity of almost 18,000,000 m³/d.

Operation and Maintenance Services are a key part of the business with a number of equivalent inhabitants served historically of over 41,000,000.

More than 45 years of experience

Experts in design, construction and operation of potable water treatment and desalination plants

in design
Capacity of
18M m³/d


Our affiliates in the water sector


More than 45 years providing water treatment solutions on more than 200 projects.

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plw waterworks

Water treatment, purification and reuse solutions in the United States.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Our business is directly connected to Goal 6 defined by the United Nations.

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Ferrovial’s Key Figures from 2023

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  • 8.5B
  • 24.4B
  • 5.3M
    Total liquidity
  • 24799
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