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Road Safety Plan

Spain’s Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 sets six priorities, including “improving road safety for work-related trips and promoting sustainable mobility”. As part of its corporate responsibility in relation to health and safety, Ferrovial is committed to reviewing and improving road safety management for its employees.

In September 2015, Ferrovial signed an agreement with Fesvial (Spanish Foundation for Road Safety), with the aim of reducing in itinere and operational road accidents to a minimum. In a first phase, cooperation has focused on the drawing up of a Road Safety Plan, with a Safe and Sustainable Mobility framework applicable to all Ferrovial employees.

This Safe and Sustainable Mobility plan consists of:

A set of actions centred, on the one hand, on eliminating, reducing, controlling and/or acting on work risks deriving from the use of vehicles, as well as on increasing the efficiency, and reducing the environmental impact,  of work-related trips, whether in the course of operations or when travelling to and from work (in itinere)”.

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