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Zuritanken is an idea generation program for innovation that is open to all employees, to promote the culture of innovation.

The goal of this internal program is to generate ideas that will respond to a series of challenges posed by our business units. Furthermore, it seeks to recognize innovative talent by awarding and recognizing the best ideas with potential to be implemented at an award ceremony.

It takes place every two years, with the first one taking place in 2012. The third ceremony, held in 2016, may be considered a great success in terms of both the number of ideas presented, over 1,400, and the number of participants, over 1,700 people. Because of this initiative, we received an award in the category of digital talent and the second Premios Expansión [Expansion Awards] for the 50 best digital initiatives.

How does Zuritanken work?

The program is built around business challenges. Each participant, individually or in a group, may send all of the ideas that best meet the identified challenges. The ideas are selected after passing through different stages of evaluation, in which the authors remain anonymous. Various groups of experts, selected based on criteria of knowledge, experience and vision, perform a series of evaluation based on the criteria of novelty, potential value and viability.

We maintain the commitment to implement all of the winning and finalist ideas that will increase productivity and efficiency in processes and that may create new business opportunities. The implementation teams are made up of the authors of the ideas and individuals responsible for the business unit to which the idea directly relates.

Are you an employee?

This program is only for employees. If you want to participate, access through this link.

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