Innovation Management

The Global Innovation Group is the innovation management team responsible for developing the innovation strategy, coordinating global programmes, sharing information on special projects and best practices and contributing to establish a culture of innovation within the company.

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Innovation is coordinated by the Global Innovation Group, which is chaired by the general manager for Innovation and Information Systems, with representatives from each of the company’s business lines.

Although each business unit drives its own innovation development and management, general guidelines are required for coordinated action to align innovation activities with the overall strategy. The Innovation and Processes Directorate works to provide ongoing and smooth communications between the different business areas, set common guidelines and aims, and drive the transformation of innovative ideas into projects and solutions that make a difference.

Due to the diverse nature of our businesses and the unique needs of each, innovation is in turn developed through innovation departments specific to each business line. In addition to this, there are various Centres of Excellence, technical offices, etc., which aim to support businesses in the implementation of tested solutions arising out of innovation projects or others already existing on the market.