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Internet of Things (IOT)

IoT is the name given to a set of technologies which allow exchange of information between two or more devices connected to each other through a communications network.

Internet of things iot

Today, massive use of the Internet means that the number of connected devices is growing, providing opportunities for interaction between them, especially  when we take into consideration the vast numbers of users carrying a mobile device with them at all times, which also serve as yet another connected device. All of these devices are considered “smart” because of their capacity to provide data on the user’s status  , location, and measurements or even to receive instructions remotely.

Increasing use of connected sensors and devices in cities for controlling, for example, watering systems in gardens, street lighting, the energy used in hospitals, or air pollution, means that these technologies are of particular interest for us as they allow greater control of the services delivered to local governments.

Connected car initiatives are also on the rise. Vehicle fleets fitted with numerous sensors can control parameters such as vehicle consumption, location, condition of the engine, movement of certain parts, and so on All of this information can be used to prolong the useful life of such assets.

For this reason, our Digital Hub is working on the development of a corporate IoT platform specializing in the management of devices of this type, remote interaction with the devices, and centralized storage of all data collected.

Thanks to this innovative approach, our business units can  rely on this IoT platform by using such technologies to aid project development and maintain a consistent level of performance.

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