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Graduate Program for Civil Engineering Graduates

Here at Ferrovial Agroman, we have been offering training programs for students and recent graduates of engineering and finance since 1995.

The program for civil engineering graduates takes on a global focus and is designed specifically for production, design and financial management professionals in the area of civil, building, industrial and high-speed construction projects.

Through the program, participants will be involved in any one of our construction projects to thus experience first-hand the multidisciplinary environment that makes up each project. Learning about the construction process in any area of specialization enables new graduates to take on a wide range of responsibilities and develop their capacity to innovate. This, combined with finance management tracking, gives graduates the chance to acquire a global point of view and grow professionally within the company.


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Ferrovial gives the chance for its employees to experience different cultures

Jonathan Mowatt

Construction division. Slovakia


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Ferrovial is a company with a lot of diversity and a culture of hard work that revolves around the realization of large projects that satisfy customers.

Karachi Ogbonna

Quality Engineer in Heathrow Q6


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I read an article in a magazine talking about the reuse of the spoil taken from tunnelling during the Northern Line Extension project in London. After reading that I thought I would do a bit more research into Ferrovial Agroman. I was very impressed with the vast number and scale of projects that Ferrovial were involved in and this encouraged me to apply for the Graduate Scheme.

Oliver Goodwin

Civil Engineer at Heathrow Q6

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