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Environmental Protection within a Biosphere Reserve after the Construction of a Road in Menorca

Balearic Islands, spain

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Prior to the project implemented, the main road in Menorca, the ME1, crossed Ferreries, causing significant traffic jams and negatively affect the safety and quality of life of its residents.

The project enables Ferreries to be by-passed on a new 4.8 km stretch of road but faced numerous challenges due to the fact that Menorca is classified as a Biosphere Reserve, and many environmental protection measures had to be implemented, including the following:

  • Transplanting of a number of holm oaks and olive trees.
  • Capture and transfer of turtles.
  • Repositioning of 9,200 m of dry stonewalls
  • Provision of over 200 devices as escape routes for wildlife
  • Development of a specific project for landscape integration
  • Adjusting the road route to the natural relief of the land
  • Planting of over 11,700 shrubs and 3,200 trees
  • Environmental restoration of stretches of road no longer in use

Construction of the Ferreries by-pass is an example of how environmental considerations can be integrated in a civil works project, particularly in the context of a Biosphere Reserve.

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