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Highway D4-R7

Bratislava, Slovakia

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  • 59.1

    Of length

  • 2016-2050

    Concession period

  • 2021

    Opening date

Project for the design and construction of the bypass ring to the east of the city of Bratislava (D4), connecting the main existing roads and a new radial roadway (R7).

The D4-R7 is helping redirect traffic to Austria and Hungary that currently travels on the D1 through urban areas. The design includes construction of a new highway, the 27-kilometer D4 with two lanes each way. The highway circles around Bratislava and features 9 junctions and 58 structures, including a viaduct that is 3 km long, 35 m wide, and has a maximum span of 210 m.

It also includes construction of a new radial highway, the 32-kilometer R7 which has two to three lanes each way. It goes southeast from the city center and has 5 junctions and 49 structures. 32 km of a two-way, two-lane road between Bratislava (Prievoz) and Holice.

The D4/R7 highway is helping relieve the daily urban traffic in the city of Bratislava, with traffic expecting to go down by 15%, and heavy traffic by 50%.

Construction phases

Construction on the project is currently underway in five sections:

  1. Section of the D4 Highway. Jarovce to Ivanka Sever. Two lanes each way (22.6 km long), 45 bridges (including the new bridge over the Danube River) and 6 junctions.
  2. Section of the D4 Highway. Ivanka Sever to Rača. With two lanes in each direction and a 2-km stretch with 3 lanes each way. This segment is 4.4 km long and has 12 bridges and 3 junctions.
  3. Section R7 Highway. From Bratislava Prievoz to Ketelec. A stretch with three lanes each way and a 900-m section with two lanes in each direction. The total length for this section is 6.3 km and has 15 bridges and 3 junctions.
  4. Section. R7 Highway. From Ketelec to Dunajská Lužná. It has two lanes in each direction and is 8.4 km long, with 10 bridges and 2 junctions.
  5. Section. R7 Highway. From Dunajská Lužná to Holice. A section with two lanes each way and a length of 17.4 km. This section required the construction of 12 bridges and 2 junctions.

Social impact

This project has improved traffic conditions in the region, as well as on the long stretch between these neighboring countries, thereby improving opportunities for economic development and boosting both employment and the local supply chain.

Connecting communities

Our projects serve as an economic engine for growth, supporting the well-being of the communities where we work and live. We worked with the consulting firm, Steer, to prepare the Economic and Community Impact of Ferrovial’s Toll Roads report.

The study measured the economic value generated in the regions we invest in and the benefits received by travelers from the start of each concession until December 31, 2022.

Impact of the project

Discover how the D4-R7 project has impacted the regional economy

  • $2.9 billion

    in Economic Output

  • 21,200

    FTE Job-Years Created

  • $100 million

    in value for travelers and communities

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