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Urban Labs

Urban Labs or City Labs

In Urban Labs or City Labs, cities become real laboratories for generating ideas to solve current needs or problems, with pilot projects being set up to test feasibility at city scale.


These laboratories in which we have taken part in are new ways of non-conventional participation in urban spaces. Here, start-ups, companies, universities and public administrations take part in the process for development of new technological solutions to tackle the challenges existing in cities and test feasibility through real interaction with the community.

This concept supports the idea that multidisciplinary knowledge and the participation of different actors increases the possibilities of success in a complex environment where an increasing number of elements must be considered.

Urban labs projects

view more suministro agua segura comunidades Peru anesvad rsc

Paccha, Peru

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I77 Charlo

I-77 Express Lanes, NC

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crossrail project in london, uk

Farringdon Station

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