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Characteristics of Quality Positions at Ferrovial


The individual in charge of quality for the company is responsible for implementing, developing, fulfilling, and maintaining optimal development processes for the company. Quality spans all departments. Their work aims to ensure that the services offered by the company meet their goals and are aligned with and meet both external and internal requirements.

Position activities

  • This person is in charge of setting, developing, and implementing the procedures needed to ensure that quality standards are met throughout the company.
  • They must achieve interdepartmental communication.
  • They must act as the meeting point between administration and employees so that the company’s activity is carried out according to regulations.
  • Performing checks for quality compliance with customers.
  • Working with the purchasing department to make sure that external vendors meet requirements.
  • Setting quality, health, and safety standards.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest on regulations and ensuring that these are properly implemented at the company.
  • Collecting data and statistics that enable them to ensure that the company is operating as efficiently and safely as possible in all processes.
  • Proposing changes and improvements, as well as their implementation.

Professional profile

  • Great analytical ability.
  • Decisive.
  • Skilled and confident in decision-making.
  • Interested in innovation.
  • Organizational and planning ability.
  • Interested and involved in researching new strategies for implementing new solutions.
  • Passion for customer service, as the position requires communicating with many people with a wide range of profiles.  

Formal qualifications

They must hold a degree from a higher education program or university studies related to quality.

  • Expert Training in Quality Management
  • Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering
  • Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering
  • Degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering
  • They must have specific knowledge of quality control standards and regulations such as ISO, EFQM, IFS, BRC, IRIS, etc.
  • It would be valuable to have graduate degrees in quality control.

All functional areas

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