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Characteristics of Sourcing Positions at Ferrovial


Positions related to organizing the procedures needed to supply the company with the necessary materials for carrying out its activity on time in the proper quality, quantity, and amount. The individual occupying this position plans and organizes managing purchases and the inventory of materials. Another important role of this position is optimizing profitability margins.

Position activities

  • Development and implementation of an effective stock organization and stock monitoring system to be sufficient for production.
  • They will stay in direct contact with providers so that the management system for all of these is globally integrated and unified at the company.
  • Monitoring and analyzing inventory to incorporate solutions that reduce associated costs (rotation, management, etc.)
  • Recognizing new market opportunities and monitoring objectives and sales KPIs, stock, and margins.
  • Developing good communication channels with all parties involved so that management flows smoothly (purchases, logistics, providers, etc.)

Professional profile

  • Ability to plan strategically.
  • Organizational ability.
  • Analytical mind.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Extensive negotiating and recruitment skills.
  • Confidence in rapid decision-making.
  • Ongoing analysis of the market and competition.
  • Eloquence and good communication skills.

Formal qualifications

  • Degree in Business Management and Administration.
  • Degree in Marketing.
  • Advanced degree in Sales Management.
  • Advanced degree in Transportation and Logistics.
  • Advanced degree in Finance/Economics.
  • Mastery of organizational programs (Excel), SAP, etc. is essential.
  • Advanced English.

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