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SH 99 Grand Parkway

Houston, TX

SH99 Grand Parway Web
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  • 2018-2022

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The SH 99 Grand Parkway Segments H, I-1 & I-2 project is the continuation of the construction of a 184-mile highway loop around the Greater Houston area. The Segments H, I-1 & I-2 represent a 52.5-mile corridor spanning Chambers, Harris, Liberty and Montgomery counties northeast of Houston.

The scope of the project, at a total cost of $1.28 billion, included construction of new lanes and modernization of the existing tolling infrastructure. The construction contract value with GPI is $938M and that is with change orders.

Project Scope

  • A new tolled two-lane controlled access facility, with intermittent four-lane sections for passing from US 59 North to IH 10 East
  • Four additional toll lanes from IH 10 East to FM 1405
  • Reconstruction of 74 bridges
  • Upgrades the visual appearance of the corridor through aesthetic enhancements and landscaping improvements

The Grand Parkway is divided into 11 segments in all (A though I-2). The highway connects State Highway 146 in Galveston County to State Highway 146 in Baytown and crosses seven counties. The SH 99 Grand Parkway Segments H, I-1 & I-2 project is owned and managed by the Texas Department of Transportation. Construction is being performed by Grand Parkway Infrastructure, a consortium of Ferrovial Construction, Granite Inc., and Webber, LLC.

The project is designed to:

  • Improve the connectivity within the existing transportation network by providing a circumferential link between two major highways, Interstate Highway 10 and Interstate Highway 69.
  • Reduce congestion on area roadways while providing more travels options for the motorists.
  • Provide an alternate evacuation route to help relieve congestion during emergency evacuations.
  • Accommodate the forecasted population growth.
  • Better facilitate the movement of the people and goods to businesses, places of employment, and residential areas within the region.

Other improvements on Segments H & I include

  • Segments H and I-1 provide 37.5-miles of two-lane toll road, with intermittent four lane sections for passing, from I-69/US 59 North in Montgomery County to I-10 in Chambers County
  • Segment I-2A upgrades tolling equipment along an existing 8.7-mile, four-lane section, which opened in 2008 and became part of the Grand Parkway in June 2017, from I-10 to FM 1405
  • Segment I-2B adds 6.1-miles of four-lane toll road from FM 1405 in Chambers County to SH 146 in Harris County

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