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Over the past 15 years, we have played a significant role in the successful delivery of complex infrastructure schemes in the UK and Ireland. This was across a diverse range of sectors and geographies providing a balanced portfolio of large-scale multi-year projects, programmes of work and smaller scale capital schemes.

This variety has created an agile network of proven supply chain partners (SCPs) who truly value and thrive on the technical expertise we bring to projects. We have a comprehensive Supply Chain Strategy which drives our culture of continuous improvement, driving consistency and best practice.

Ferrovial has carefully developed and matured its approach to SCP management – based on Best Value – including economic (both tender and outturn price), health and safety, delivery to programme, technical engineering capability, flexibility and cultural fit. We conduct benchmarking and market testing against peers matching package complexity to our supply chain selection.

In line with our strategic ambitions of transforming our supply chain approach to unlock our growth and allow continued success, launched the UK & Ireland Supply Chain Strategy.

All suppliers go through a rigorous but streamlined Stage 1 prequalification exercise – to become an Approved SCP. The contractual model, timing and level of engagement with SCPs will depend on the form of head contract and complexity of the package.

Our ISO 44001 accreditation for collaborative business relationships gives external recognition to our preferred approach in developing deep relationships as we believe this is a true enabler to unlocking optimum performance and better value.

We undertake regular objective scoring which is shared with our supply chain partners by way of 360-degree feedback review workshops.

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