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Characteristics of Management Positions at Ferrovial


In this field, the profile of the individual(s) selected must be able to organize, manage, and take over operation of the company, brand, or department in question. Management is vital and fundamental for a company as the key to the company’s productivity and competitiveness on the market, as well as its economic viability.

Position activities

  • They must be able to organize all resources (economic, human, technological, etc.) that the company has so that they are all aligned towards achieving maximum productivity, effectiveness, and viability.
  • The person in charge of managing the company must develop a strategy or planning for all of them to achieve the objectives.
  • Their communication skills will be highly important when communicating with individuals from different departments, roles, etc. An important part of this position is being in constant contact with others, both at the company and beyond.  
  • Monitoring the decisions made so that they are always focused on achieving the set strategy and planning.
  • They will have to organize work teams and departments and observe the abilities of those at the company in carrying out the responsibilities of the different positions.
  • Leading these work teams in alignment with the company’s objectives.
  • They must do market analysis to be able to observe where and when the company is located and develop management strategies for improving the company’s position.
  • This position entails evaluating work quality and productivity.

Professional profile

Given the importance of this position for the company’s proper functioning, the individual at the helm of management must:

  • Possess leadership skills. This is the most important aspect of this position. Be able to convey the objective that must be achieved and get the teams to work on reaching it through motivation and responsibility. Guide departments in a firm, transparent, comprehensive way.
  • Therefore, they must be organized, methodical, and responsible.
  • Have organization skills and the ability to coordinate people and teams.
  • Be able to make important decisions.
  • Be a good communicator. This is a highly important facet of this position, given that interpersonal communications are a major part of their workload.
  • Have qualities suited for teamwork, spirit, and the ability to motivate, overcome, and improve.
  • Have the ability to recognize talent; a key of this position is to know how to choose the right people for each position.
  • To assist people in working on developing the business strategy by providing the tools needed to achieve their goals.
  • Strong ability to negotiate.
  • Innovative vision of processes, market tracks, etc.

Formal qualifications

  • Degree in Business Administration or Management (degrees, MBA, etc.)
  • Advanced Degree in Administration and Finance.
  • Professional Training in Business Management and Administration.
  • Advanced Degree in Business Management.
  • Business Engineering, Business Management Engineering.
  • Law per the laws applicable to the company.
  • Finance.

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