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Characteristics of Consulting Positions at Ferrovial


The individual in charge of purchasing is responsible for acquiring materials and managing essential services that the company needs to carry out its activity optimally. This person’s work and that of their department is essential. This is because acquiring the necessary materials or services from the right provider at the right cost and the right time will make the company’s production successful.

Position activities

  • Knowing the different budgets prepared by the Finance department perfectly.
  • Knowing the needs for materials or services that departments involved in the company’s production have.
  • Being in perfect coordination with the Sourcing department to monitor materials in stock and storage.
  • They must also coordinate with the advertising department to be familiar with sales expectations.
  • Analyzing items from different suppliers to verify that the purchase agreement is fulfilled.
  • Actively searching for market trends to be able to anticipate new demands, offers, or improvements.
  • Searching for strategies and implementing solutions to achieve maximum possible profitability.
  • Developing and building relationships with providers to negotiate contracts and set prices, delivery times, or quality standards.

Professional profile

  • Analytical mindset to draw conclusions from the data.
  • Great time management and organizational abilities.
  • Skills negotiating and self-confidence.  
  • Skilled with numbers, figures, data, etc.
  • Capable in prioritizing tasks.
  • Ongoing analysis of market trends to foresee events.
  • Works well in teams.
  • Good communication skills.

Formal qualifications

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Commercial management
  • Finance or accounting
  • Mastery of organizational programs (Excel), SAP, etc. is essential
  • Advanced English

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