FerroNATS: Air traffic control

FerroNATS began activity in 2011 by bringing together Ferrovial’s international airport management experience, through Ferrovial Services, and the British company NATS’ leading position in the air traffic control sector. FerroNATS was born of this fusion, to bid for the services contract being put out to tender by AENA that year, to provide air traffic control services in a range of control towers in Spanish airports.

FerroNATS was then successful in the final bids for nine of the twelve control towers that were deregulated in September 2011. The transitions started in November 2012 and lasted until the transfer of the Alicante tower in January 2014. FerroNATS gradually took control of the towers at Sabadell, Cuatro Vientos, Vigo, Jerez, A Coruña, Valencia, Seville, Ibiza and Alicante.

Over these three years of activity FerroNATS accumulated experience undertaking close to a million operations, moving more than 53 million passengers. Currently, one in every five flights operated in Spanish flying space is managed by FerroNATS controllers.

FerroNATS provides airfield control services from the airport tower. From the point at which an airplane makes its approach until it lands and, going the other way, from the point at which it starts its runway manoeuvres until it takes off, FerroNATS controllers manage the operations of both the airplane as well as of the ground vehicles, to ensure the safety, order and smooth running of air operations.

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