Our Commitment with Airports

At Ferrovial Airports we believe that the future of airports lies on two essential premises: the design of ambitious investment programmes, and an environmentally-friendly airport management approach.


Ferrovial Airports

Sustainability and innovation are at the forefront of Ferrovial’s approach to managing airports. We invest in energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy. We are also committed to improving passenger experience through R&D projects.

  • Heathrow’s Energy Centre is the UK’s largest biomass facility.
  • Heathrow’s Terminal 2 is a benchmark for sustainability within the industry. It is the first airport terminal in the world to obtain BREEAM environmental certification.
  • Heathrow has a unique system of driverless electric vehicles.
  • We are continuously working on new initiatives at all our airports to reduce operational environmental impact and improve the efficiency and sustainability of all airport facilities.


Heathrow Airport

Figures for 2017:

  • 97% of our passengers had a security waiting time of less than five minutes.
  • 78.8% of departures were on time.
  • 84% of passengers rated their experience at Heathrow to be “excellent or very good”.
  • The overall valuation of the airport in the ASQ survey was 4.2/5.
  • The number of lost/missed bags per 1,000 passengers was 13.1, in contrast to 40 registered in 2007.

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