About Ferrovial Services

Ferrovial Services is an international leader in design, maintenance, operation, and comprehensive management for public and private infrastructure for transportation, the environment, industry, natural resources (oil, gas, and mining), and utilities (water and electricity), and in providing facility management services.

  • 6,785 M€ Revenues
  • 19,411 M€ Order Book
  • 136 M€ EBITDA


Ferrovial Services is one of the largest and most diversified multinational service companies for infrastructure and cities. It offers state-of-the-art solutions in consulting, waste treatment, energy efficiency, maintenance of transportation infrastructure, and urban mobility. This operational diversification allows Ferrovial Services to position itself as the leading provider for its clients through integrated solutions aimed at improving the efficiency and functionality of cities by responding to society’s demands.

With a solid international presence in stable regions such as the UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Chile, and with a workforce of more than 80,000, Ferrovial Services provides end-to-end solutions for infrastructure and cities to improve their efficiency, functionality and sustainability.

Ferrovial Services has a broad range of specialised services and distinctive capabilities and a clear focus on operational excellence. We undertake the most complex and innovative projects, thanks to the technical and human capabilities of our teams, a stable local presence and an extensive portfolio of solutions. Also, Ferrovial Services has proven experience in delivering services with high impact on citizens or on clients’ core activities. In 2018, Ferrovial Services implemented a new innovation plan to improve the operation’s efficiency and environmental impact.

This experience, the diversification of differential solutions and capabilities, together with the integral vision of infrastructure life cycles and the specific knowledge of their markets—UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, and the International division, which includes operations in the US, Canada, Chile, Poland, Portugal and Qatar—position Ferrovial Services as one of the flagship suppliers of the markets where it operates.

Centers of Excellence at Ferrovial Services

As part of our commitment to developing new and differential models and solutions, to operating excellence and to the transfer of knowledge, we have five Centers of ExcellenceAsset Management: end-to-end consultancy, design and asset management services; Cities: innovative solutions and new municipal services models; Energy and Facility Management: integrated facility management and optimisation of energy efficiency; Environment: development of solutions for the circular economy; and Natural Resources: focusing on the development of new services models in the oil, gas and mining industries.

Committed to provide specialized and added value services to its clients, Ferrovial Services builds long-term relationships with their public and private clients based on trust and flexibility, focused on results and the specific knowledge from the sectors in which the company operates.

Notable among the company’s latest outstanding awards are:

  • Acquiring contracts from the business portfolio of Carillion’s railway activity in the United Kingdom, where the company is working on improvements to the railway line on the east coast and in the Midland area, and Crossrail’s railway maintenance construction, among other projects.
  • Operating 11 platforms for oil extraction services for Shell-QGC in Australia. In this contract, the company is in charge of providing eleven service wells and other related services in the Surat Basin region of the state of Queensland.
  • Managing 7,000 shared bicycles in Barcelona, Spain. The contract, the most significant in Spain in this sector, will allow the shared bike service to enter into a new era by its 24/7/365 service, with no interruptions.
  • Road maintenance in Ottawa and York, Canada. Ferrovial Services will be in charge of maintenance for 1,844 kilometers of roads, including winter management tasks, such as operating more than 70 snowplow machines.
  • Road maintenance in Florida. The company currently does maintenance on more than 11,000 kilometers in the North American state, with contracts in seven of Florida’s eight districts.
  • Contracts in the mining sector in Chile. The awards include maintenance and operation of facilities for the Codelco company – the world’s leading copper producer – and BHP in the mines of Ministro Hales, Chuquicamata, Escondida, and Zaldívar, all located in the north of the Andean country.
  • Maintenance for the Doha International Airport.  The company is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning, and security services necessary to provide quality service in these two tunnels.