About Ferrovial Services

Ferrovial Services is an international leader in providing efficient solutions in urban and environmental services and in the maintenance of infrastructures and facilities.

  • 7,069 M € Revenues
  • 20,918 M € Order Book
  • 396 M € op. cash flow

Results 2017

Santiago Olivares, CEO of Ferrovial Services, comments on the 2017 results.

Ferrovial Services is a provider of end-to-end solutions for cities and infrastructure. With a solid international presence in stable regions such as the UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Chile, and with a workforce of more than 69,000, the company provides integrated asset management services throughout the life cycle: from consultation, design and planning to operation, optimisation and maintenance.

We offer a broad range of services, for important public and private clients, and operate in a variety of sectors (transport, justice, health, telecommunications, resources, industry, mining and utilities). This diversification, combined with the company’s business model, organised geographically—UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, and the International division, which includes operations in the US, Canada, Chile, Poland, Portugal and Qatar—position Ferrovial Services as one of the flagship suppliers of the markets where it operates.

As part of our commitment to developing new and differential models and solutions, to operating excellence and to the transfer of knowledge, we have five Centres of Excellence: Asset Management: end-to-end consultancy, design and asset management services; Cities: innovative solutions and new municipal services models; Energy and Facility Management: integrated facility management and optimisation of energy efficiency; Environment: development of solutions for the circular economy; and Natural Resources: focusing on the development of new services models in the oil, gas and mining industries.


Ferrovial Services: end to end solutions for cities and infrastructure