There is an undeniable global trend in the growth of cities. By 2050, cities are expected to be home to 70% of the world's population. Currently, cities aren’t prepared enough to support this population growth or invest in the necessary infrastructure or technological aspects of the city of the future.

Ferrovial Service’s Center of Excellence for Cities develops and implements innovative programs, solutions, and innovative models for providing urban services, working collaboratively with the most cutting-edge urban agents and cities. The goal of this applied innovation is ultimately supporting optimization of the commercial, operational, and financial performance of the business and its strategic differentiation.

Urban innovation is growing by leaps and bounds with, and citizen involvement is a transformative outcome of this process. At Ferrovial Services, we’re working with cities to meet their challenges, improve quality of life, and respond to society’s priorities. To this end, we use disruptive methodologies to co-design citizen-centered service models; we support the development of innovative public acquisitions; we connect networks, devices, and information to harness the potential of the Internet of Things.

Through this Center of Excellence, Ferrovial Services aims to be a pioneer in the next generation of services that put the citizen at the heart of things, aligned with city’s requirements to continuously improve efficiency and the citizen experience. These new models feature main elements such as long-term strategic collaboration, an integral vision of services, citizen involvement, management based on urban information, and digital solutions.

In addition, the Center of Excellence for Cities is developing new models of offering services and tools that give local administrations a competitive advantage. This contribution is based on the opportunities afforded by technology, regulatory evolution, and citizen participation.

We design, test and implement next-generation business models and solutions that optimize cost and investment efficiency and improve the citizen experience. We improve service delivery by integrating digital solutions, smart information management, and integral service provision. The new model for city management is based on public-private partnerships, which includes aspects such as comprehensive service management, technological solutions, data analytics management, and social contribution initiatives.


  • Smart mobility: new mobility models in the city, such as carsharing and bike sharing.
  • Urban services: improvement and innovation in the set of activities Ferrovial Services carries out in cities.
  • Citizen Engagement: citizen participation for improving performance in service.


New solutions for managing mobility in cities
'One Vision': a vision of cities in 2025 with the perspective of citizenship