We handle flights from 125 airlines every year, carrying close to 90 million passengers. We do this through our four airports in the UK: Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton.

About Ferrovial Airports

Learn more about our areas of action and our division’s history since 1998.

Our commitment with Airports

Sustainability and innovation enable us to improve our passenger’s experience.

The Airports Division oversees all of Ferrovial Group’s activities relating to the airport sector. Ferrovial Airports adds value in the design, construction, financing and operation of airport infrastructures through long term asset investment, with a view to becoming one of the world’s major airport operators and investors.

In the context of increasing privatisation of airport infrastructures, Ferrovial Airports’ business model has proved to be ideally suited to meet the requirements of our interest groups. Our extensive operational experience, together with our financial strength and the synergies achieved with the other divisions within the group, has enabled us to increase the profitability of our assets through our business approach, which focuses on improving passenger experience, developing infrastructures and streamlining operational costs, amongst others.

Innovation projects that enhance mobility in major airport infrastructure.

FerroNATS: Air traffic control

FerroNATS control aéreo

FerroNATS provides air control services in different control towers of several Spanish airports, including Alicante, Valencia, Ibiza, Sevilla, Jerez, Sabadell, Cuatro Vientos, Vigo and La Coruña.

FerroNATS: Air traffic control