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Diversity and inclusion

We strongly believe that Diversity and Inclusion management brings us different approaches, perspectives and points of view, fostering our capacity for innovation and enabling us to be a more competitive, profitable and sustainable company.

Diversity and inclusion strategy

Our strategy focuses on 5 main areas:

  • Make Ferrovial a flagship employer in diversity and inclusion to increase our capacity to attract and hire diverse profiles.
  • Promote the development of diverse talent, free of bias and based on equity and meritocracy, thus ensuring that diversity is present at all levels of the company.
  • Guarantee equal treatment of our employees through measures that ensure fair and non-discriminatory conditions.
  • Foster a corporate culture that welcomes and embraces differences, enabling safe environments where each person feels recognized and free to express themselves as they are, thus building a space where we all contribute.
  • Extend our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the communities in which we operate and to all stakeholders, particularly suppliers and customers, recognizing the efforts of those companies that promote these principles in their organizations.

We foster diversity and promote an inclusive work environment that values differences and creates opportunities for each person to reach their full potential and contribute their best.

Ignacio Madridejos, CEO of Ferrovial

Our Diversity Manifesto

Portada Manifiesto de Diversidad Ferrovial

Our ambition is to be a benchmark organization in diversity and inclusion

We know that promoting equal opportunities and creating an inclusive environment are key aspects to drive our leadership and increase our competitiveness as a company.

Fomentar una cultura inclusiva

Fostering an inclusive culture

Where each person feels safe and recognized, thus building a space where we all contribute.

Promover la igualdad de oportunidades

Promoting equal opportunities

Ensuring that diversity and inclusion are present in all company’s processes and policies.

Potenciar el desarrollo de equipos inclusivos - Manifiesto de Diversidad Ferrovial

Encouraging the development of diverse and inclusive teams

Where each person can develop their full potential and contribute the best of themselves, fostering the company’s competitiveness and sustainability.

Superar los estereotipos y sesgos inconscientes - Manifiesto de Diversidad Ferrovial

Overcoming stereotypes and unconscious biases

Which prevent us from considering different perspectives and diverse points of view, limiting our ability to make more objective decisions.

Construir puentes hacia un mundo más diverso e inclusivo

Building bridges towards a more diverse and inclusive world

Leaving the legacy of a fairer society, in the communities in which we operate, and in the organizations and institutions with which we interact.

Promoting Diversity

Gender Diversity

We operate in a male-dominated sector, so promoting gender diversity is one of the priorities of our diversity and inclusion strategy. Therefore, we promote equal opportunities between women and men to increase the representation of women in management positions.

The Gender Diversity strategy in Spain is based on our III Equality Plan, which consists of 84 measures aimed at promoting equal opportunities between women and men.

We strive to promote gender diversity:

  • For the third consecutive year we are included in Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index.

Cultural Diversity

We are dedicated to cultural diversity, fostering employability in the communities in which we operate, and promoting global awareness actions to promote cultural intelligence.

LGBTI Diversity

We develop awareness-raising actions to create a safe space for the LGBTI community where everyone feels free and safe to be themselves.


The integration of people with functional diversity into the labour market is another of our objectives to achieve an inclusive culture in which everyone can develop their full potential.

Generational Diversity

We promote equal opportunities regardless of age, as well as non-discrimination and respect for generational diversity.

Awards and certifications

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