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Collaboration with SEO/BirdLife to Protect the Sand Martin

Madrid, Spain

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Collaboration with the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/BirdLife) for the protection of the sand martin during the refurbishment of the San Quintín Barracks in El Pardo (Madrid).

During renovation works in the Guardia Civil’s San Quintín facilities (in El Pardo, Madrid), we detected the presence of a colony of sand martins (an internationally protected bird), which had nested in a large mound of sand temporarily provided on the work site. Between 16 to 18 nests of this trans-Saharan migratory bird were located.

In the light of this, we adopted the commitment, together with the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/BirdLife), to stop using sand from the reserves where the colony was located until the end of the breeding period. We further committed to reduce to a minimum any particularly disturbing activities close to the colony.

Nicolás López, Conservation Officer for SEO/BirdLife, declared:

This is an example of good practice, given that the building company has taken into account the advice of SEO/BirdLife to ensure the survival and reproduction of this bird species

This is not the only case where we have protected this particular species. During works on the high-speed rail link running along the Atlantic coastline, on the Rialiño-Padrón section, some 20 pairs of sand martins were also found to be nesting on an embankment.

Environmental benefits

  1. Collaboration with the Spanish Ornithological Society to define best practices during the nesting season of the birds at the site.
  2. Ensure the survival and reproduction of this protected species.

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