Workplace health and safety policies


Our main objective is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, as well as those people who participate in our activities.

This policy sets out the principles we need to consider in our actions:

  • Health and Safety is a basic activity which, under no circumstances, will be subordinate to any other requirement. It is a task in which we must all participate through commitment and leadership to achieve a consistent and proactive health and safety culture
  • Before starting activities at every worksite, we shall analyze the Health and Safety Policy and use it effectively to achieve the objective of eliminating incidents.
  • We shall know and comply with all legislation and other requirements adopted by the organization.
  • We shall consider in the design phase, the foreseeable risks of all construction activities that could adversely affect the health, safety and wellbeing of all workers involved.
  • We shall eliminate or reduce identified hazards and risks, implementing the Risk Assessment and/or the Health and Safety Plan to achieve safe and healthy work environments.
  • We shall ensure adequate human and material resources are available to plan, organize, coordinate, establish monitoring and fulfilment of the Health and Safety Management System in all worksites.
  • Employees shall have the training to understand the risks and preventive measures related to their role and position, as well as their responsibilities.
  • We shall promote and facilitate the consultation, participation and cooperation of workers and their representatives, including our suppliers and their employees.
  • To achieve the continuous improvement of our Health and Safety Management System, we shall analyze the organization risks and opportunities, establish the required objectives and verify their implementation.