Innovation in Health and Safety

Ferrovial believes that innovation can lead to new operational patterns, technologies and safety measures which in turn contribute to our goal of “Target Zero”.

innovation in health and safety

The company’s innovation teams and a number of initiatives supporting research and development of technological projects have focused on this issue. Thus, work is ongoing on several different projects to eliminate or minimise the risk of accidents at our work sites. Some of these projects are:

  • WPP (Warning Presence of People): A system using light and sound through a device fitted on the cab of operational machines. The system is activated when a person walks in the machine’s radius of action, thus avoiding accidents such as being hit or run over on site.
  • Health & Safety on Hand: Through a wearable device worn by employees, the worksite supervisor can verify, by simply using a smartphone, that the person’s documentation relating to health and safety at work is in order, what qualifications the person holds, and what courses he/she has carried out.
  • Worker Access Control to Risky Areas: This allows automated supervision of the hours worked by a particular member of staff at a work site, and controls access to restricted areas on site simply by walking up to a sensor.
  • Hazard Warnings: Using a system of warning signals, the infrastructure itself will alert staff to the fact that they are in a hazard area, and provide information on the nature of the hazard and the protective elements required for entering the relevant work area.
  • Worker Emergency Notice: This consists of a panic button which emits an emergency alert for imminent hazards on site, and allows the relevant protocol for action to be set in motion in a more coordinated manner in the event of an accident at the workplace.