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Parking lots have taken on particular significance in recent years. Some of the reasons are facilitating people’s mobility, setting up recharging points for electric vehicles, getting out of intense traffic, or offering an alternative to using cars in the city center.

During the pandemic, some lots like Serrano Park have allowed healthcare workers to leave their vehicles there. This lot in Madrid offered 830 parking spaces free of charge for healthcare workers, who had an immense workload at that time.

What is a parking lot?

A parking lot is a space where vehicles can be parked. They generally bring cars to mind, but there are lots for motorcycles and even industrial lots for bicycles, as is the case in the Netherlands. Here, you can park safely.

What types of parking lots are there?

The most common parking spaces in cities are spaces on public roads intended for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, either in a row or in groups. Some are designed on lots, often in areas close to other modes of transportation like train stations or airports.

In the city, more and more parking lots are being built underground. This is equally true for residents and visitors alike, as is the case with park-and-rides. Its low cost is offset by more free area above ground. This way, it is possible to get around on foot more, leave space for parks and gardens, and make room for low-impact mobility.

Parking lots with the latest technology

For years, there have been parking lots that show you the shortest route to the first available space. Thanks to sensors on or under the spaces, we can find out which ones are occupied. This saves time and frustration.

More and more lots are incorporating other complementary services, such as spaces to leave georeferenced rental vehicles and even recharging points for electric vehicles.

Parking lot infrastructure is proving crucial in adopting more sustainable forms of mobility, whether it’s by supporting electric vehicles or freeing up space for bicycles and pedestrianized areas.

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