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Stronger Together for Ukraine

With the aim of raising funds to support the population affected by the war in Ukraine, we launched the campaign “Stronger Together for Ukraine”. Ferrovial will match the contributions received.

The war in Ukraine has caused more than 900,000 people to cross the border up to March 2nd, of which 450,000 have done so through Poland, and the UNHCR forecasts that the number of refugees will exceed 4 million people. In addition, there is a large number of internally displaced persons, and before the outbreak of this conflict there were already more than 850,000 people who had left their homes. Faced with this humanitarian crisis, the need for aid is multiplying.

Ferrovial is launching the campaign “Stronger Together for Ukraine” to collect your donations that will be used to send humanitarian and health aid for the population displaced by the war, both those who remain in their country and those who have been forced to take refuge in neighboring countries such as Poland. The company will match the amount contributed by all of you.

We will support the initiatives already launched by our Budimex colleagues who are experiencing this tragedy on their borders.

NGOs such as the Red Cross, ACNUR and Caritas, which have the logistical capabilities and extensive local presence, are joining the small local associations that are on the front line helping the elderly, women and children. Depending on the funds raised and the evolution of events and needs, new entities may be included.

Accounts have been opened to receive donations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Poland and Spain.

Our commitment

Our commitment to responding to humanitarian crises dates back to the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Unfortunately, our response and mobilization capacity has been put to the test in recent years with the social and health crisis generated by COVID-19 and the humanitarian emergency caused by the war in Ukraine. The drama that is affecting millions of Ukrainian families is especially close to Ferrovial’s heart, as our subsidiary Budimex is one of the main construction companies in Poland, a country that has received almost 3 million refugees.

In keeping with our principles of action, we are involved in two areas:

  • Offering support in Poland to employees who are Ukrainian citizens, as well as their families.
  • Strengthening the humanitarian care being provided by international social organizations, with a special focus on internally displaced people in Ukraine and refugees arriving in Poland.

This aid has allowed the delivery of food baskets and basic hygiene kits and the provision of shelter for 2,650 people fleeing the conflict in the Polish cities of Przemysl, Zosin, Hrebenne, Lubaczow and Dorohusk, and in Ukraine in the cities of Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov-Zaporiyia.

In addition, it has enabled the purchase and shipment of basic necessities for immediate distribution, both in the Ukrainian border cities of Chop and Uzhgorod and from the city of Lublin in Poland. Our assistance has resulted in more than 9,000 blankets, 8,000 plastic tarpaulins and 5,000 kitchen utensil kits that have helped more than 18,000 families.

How to declare the donation on your 2022 tax filing

Procedures to declare the donation

If the donor of the Stronger Together Campaign for Ukraine wishes to apply the deduction for donations applicable to personal income tax, he/she should send an e-mail to the address rsc@ferrovial.com including:

The donor must add the authorization for Ferrovial to communicate its data to the beneficiary entity for the sole purpose of issuing the necessary certification to justify the deduction. In order to proceed with the processing of your data for the purpose of obtaining your certificate, it is necessary that in the mail you send us with your identification data, you include the sentence:

“I consent to the processing and transfer of my data for the purpose of obtaining the certificate based on the following Privacy Policy”.

Read the Information clause on the Stronger Together campaign for Ukraine.

Details for United States

Personal Income Tax – In general, donations made by Ferrovial US employees or other individuals who itemize deductions to qualified organizations (e.g. foundation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, church or other religious organization, etc.) may be deducted from the Personal Income Tax up to 60% of the adjusted gross income. For applying this deduction to individual benefactors, Ferrovial should be able to obtain from the beneficiary entities the corresponding receipts with the identification of the benefactors. Individuals should consult with their tax advisor to determine the deductibility of any contribution.

Details for United Kingdom

Personal Income Tax – Donations to charity from UK individuals can get tax relief if they are made through: i. Gift Aid: it can be claimed on most of donations and gives the donor the benefit to claim an extra 25p for every £1 he donates. ii. Payroll Giving (i.e. through the donor´s wages or pension): since these donations happen before Personal Income Tax is deducted from the donor´s income, the tax relief obtained would depend on the rate of tax the donor is subject to. To donate £1, the donor pays (a) 80p if the donor is a basic rate taxpayer, (b) 60p if the donor is a higher rate taxpayer or (c) 55p if the donor is an additional rate taxpayer.

The previous tax documentation is for information purposes only. The specific tax treatment must be confirmed by each employee in accordance with the legislation in force in each country. 

Charity Gift Aid Declaration (indicate Red Cross UK as charity receiving the funds)

Details for Spain

Donations made to entities benefiting from patronage listed in Law 49/2002, on the tax regime for non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage, entitle donors to deduct from their personal income tax liability the result of applying the following scale to the total amount of donations, donations and contributions with the right to deduction: 80% deduction on the first 150 euros and 35% on the rest of the amount donated [1] with a limit of 10% of their net taxable income for the year.

[1] If in the two immediately preceding tax periods donations, gifts or contributions with the right to deduction had been made in favor of the same entity for an amount equal to or greater, in each of them, than that of the previous year, the percentage of deduction applicable to the base of the deduction in favor of the same entity that exceeds 150 euros, will be 40%.

The above tax documentation is for information purposes only. The specific tax treatment must be confirmed by each employee according to the legislation in force in each country.

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